hey i'm alana

Hey, I'm alana!

I am from Bahia,  Northeastern Brazil, A.K.A the most amazing place in the world with amazing people! I came to the U.S five years ago without knowing what I was doing. I didn't speak any English back then and now I am SO beyond proud of what I have accomplished. 
I did photography for years in my country, I started when I was 19 years old and it was always more like a hobby. My photos shows a lot of personality and feelings, it's my way to express myself to the world. I am an ambivert. Meaning: I have personality traits of both introvert and extrovert. I can be a goofy ball but I can also be super formal. I am a virgo with ascendant in Sagittarius - if that's important to you, haha.
I am a sucker for natural light and creating real, authentic moments rather than formal/forced  photos.  I am a people pleaser by heart, which can be a blessing but also a curse. I put ALL my heart into my work, which means I give 100% into capturing your story with my camera.

I married my best friend in july 2020 at arnold arboretum, Boston

We eloped right in the middle of a p@ndemic. We had other plans but due the c@vid outbreak we decided to elope and it was the best decision EVER. We just wanted to start our life together asap. So glad we did that!

Juan is not only my best friend, he is my partner, and the best person I have ever met. He was born in Ecuador and he went to Brazil when he was little. We met here in Massachusetts, in church. Ins't crazy?! We used to live in the same city in Brazil and we never met.

I love telling stories through my work. Every shoot is unique! It’s all about YOU and capturing your life exactly how it is on the day of your shoot. My approach combines documentary and lifestyle photos which means that I will direct you to get the results we want but I will also document the scenes without interfering. Please take a good look into my PORTFOLIO and you will understand what I am talking about.

you might be my client if 


you imagine your photos moody, creamy, full of laughter, connection & emotions.

You appreciate simplicity. You are seeking for real + honest moments rather than posed photos.

You are super mushy gushy in love with each other and you are up for an adventure together. 

you are expecting to run, jump around and just about letting your kids be kids during our session.

think we are a match?

Introduce yourself and let's work together! Live in the moments you will never forget. Let me capture them for you! 

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